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Yano is an advanced obfuscator for Microsoft .NET applications
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If you create .NET applications then you probably already know that one of the most troublesome tasks is protecting your work against unauthorized copying or usage. The good news is that there are specialized programs that deal particularly with this task: securing your intellectual property rights over your .NET applications. One of these programs is Yano, a neat and handy tool that makes use of one of the most common and also effective methods of protecting .NET applications, the method known as obfuscation. Obfuscation refers to the act of scrambling the content of the code in such a manner that the code remains perfectly usable but it can no longer be read and understood by humans.

Yano is an advanced obfuscator that can handle entire .NET projects. Though being powerful and reliable, it’s also pretty intuitive and easy-to-use, as it comes with a neat and straightforward interface. It also features optimization and pruning functions and it lets you select a specific obfuscation level. Out-of-the-box rules and an advanced post-obfuscation verification algorithm are also available.

Cutting long story short, Yano is a neat obfuscator suitable for any version of .NET Framework, Silverlight and Windows Phone applications.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Easy-to-use
  • Advanced post-obfuscation verification algorithm


  • Lacks documentation / help files
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